CONDA - brandmark makeover
Established in 1993 the CONDA Group is now the leading art material supply company in China with distributors in more than 100 countries. We have been asked for a makeover of the brand and the concept design for a wide range of packaging.
 The most fundamental visual element of a brand identity is its brandmark.
The new logo has been created mantaining the original profile of the brand and modified to reach a more elegant and modern image, without missing the important visual link of the historical logo.
The sloping lines that compose the original logo have been resumed and used to create a sinuous shape that, repeated symmetrically, gives to the new brand fluidity and lightness.
The font has been redrawn in order to give to the new brand a more elegant image that reflect the products treated.
We re-designed the packaging of a wide range of art-products, here you can see some concepts.
The craft tools are supported by a on-line avatar that gives you tips and ideas of how to use them.
Thank you

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